A Boutique Owner.... Say What?!

"...Who knew God would use my frustrations for clothing and stores where I could never find styles that fit my body correctly to one day help women of all shapes and sizes find styles that not only fit them, but made them look and feel beautiful in. Feel comfortable. Feel confident..."
March 28, 2023 — Stacy Linder
Entrepreneurship and a Passion For Our Business

Entrepreneurship and a Passion For Our Business

Blessings upon blessings in co-owning and running Three Birdies.  Being an entrepreneur alongside my hubby.  Helping women.  Loving what I do.
November 26, 2021 — Stacy Linder

You are Beautiful.

We as women are so hard on ourselves.  Body positivity is a struggle.  My goal is to help women realize how beautiful they are, encourage confidence and help them to be happy with who they are.
September 01, 2021 — Stacy Linder